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100 Tools to Make Your Kids Math and Science Stars

Math and science skills don’t always come easily to some children. If your child is behind in math or science it can take years for them to catch up and be able to earn the grades you know they are capable of making. Some children may never catch up leaving them stranded when they enter high school mathematics like trigonometry and calculus.

Flash cards are a classic tool to help children learn mathematics especially, but it’s not always easy to make a squirmy 10-year-old sit down and drill multiplication time tables. Try giving your child some interactive games and online tools to encourage the left side of their brain to work a little harder and keep your kids from becoming bored so easily.

This list of tools and websites will help your children become math and science stars through fun practice and unconventional learning techniques. Give some of them a try and see if Junior’s grades don’t improve!

General Science Websites for Children

1. Science With Me! – Aimed at elementary age children, this site has a gaggle of great science and math related information and activities. Kids can check out animations, movies, games, projects, and even coloring sheets.

2. Science News for Kids – Here’s one site where the name really says it all. Kids get the latest scoops on science, whether they want to learn about the human body or the perennial kid favorite, dinosaurs.

3. Science Made Simple – Offering a mixture of science project guides and science-related articles, this site will keep kids entertained for hours. Try the site’s recommendations for kid-friendly scientific books, links to science news, and check out what’s going on in the online science store.

4. Neuroscience for Kids – If your kid thinks they have a big brain, then it’s time for them to take a trip inside of it. This site offers online experiments, articles, a newsletter, and many more great features for kids to figure out how their brains work.

5. Yahoo! Kids Science – Yahoo’s kid-centric science site specializes in awesome science videos. Check out Mars Rover footage, learn science-related jokes, and write in your own questions for their science gurus to answer.

6. National Geographic Kids – There’s no shortage of awesome activities on this National Geographic Kids site. Kids can learn how to plant a garden, go green, keep up with science news, and more.

7. BrainPOP: Science – From the interior of the earth to the depths of outer space, this site will take kids on an amazing scientific journey. There’s resources relating to energy, chemistry, ecology, physics, and many more subjects that will keep kids enthralled.

8. Bill Nye the Science Guy – Here’s the site for a man who knows how to make science fun for kids: Bill Nye the Science Guy. Make sure you’ve got the latest version of Flash so your kids can enjoy all of the amazing, educational animations.

9. Cool Science – If your kids want science to be a little more cool, then this site’s got what they need. There’s sections to ask scientists questions, interactive topics, and instructions on how they can become a scientist.

10. Dr. Bob’s Interesting Science Stuff – It’s a colorful science buffet here on Bob’s site. In addition to science project ideas and a cool bulletin board, Dr. Bob provides science-related factoids on everything from ice to the eventual death of our sun.

11. Science to the Extreme – This site has a refreshingly simple premise: it starts out with something cool (like a shuttle taking off), and then walks kids through how it works. Topics range from astronomy to zoology. Science to the Extreme provides plenty of pictures and cool information to keep kids clicking.

12. Funology – Putting the fun back into science, this site will definitely keep younger kids entertained. Funology contains information about meteorology, biology, and even bugs, so kids can learn about every aspect of the world.

13. Do-It-Yourself-Science – The name here really says it all. Kids are just a click away from cool experiments with this sweet, Flash-powered site.

14. DragonflyTV – Powered by PBS, these online episodes feature “real kids, real science.” They explore the body, the brain, matter and motion, technology, and much more.


15. Cell Structure and Processes – Filled with illustrations, this simple site is all about cells. Kids learn everything from the nucleus location to the function of a ribosome, and can even take a quiz to see how much they learned.

16. FT Exploring – Science is the destination, and this cool site is the journey. Kids can learn about photosynthesis, food chains, cellular respiration, energy glows, and more.

17. InnerBody – For kids interested in anatomy, there’s few better sites than this one. Simple pick which part of the body is to be examined first, and the journey through inner space commences.

18. Infrared Zoo Gallery – What if you could look at a giant zoo through infrared lenses? That’s the premise of this site, which illustrates the difference between warm and cold-blooded creatures in a very unique way.

19. Cells alive! – Now that your kids know more about cells, it’s time to really go in-depth. This colorful site provides lessons on cell biology, microbiology, immunology and microscopy, and offers interactive models, quizzes, puzzles, and more.

20. Computer-Enhanced Science Education: The Whole Frog Project – While the site itself is quite simple, the nature of it will give your kid a head start in the worlds of biology and anatomy. There’s a virtual frog dissection kit here, complete with information about what a child can learn from the dissection.

21. Animal Diversity Web – No matter what type of animal your future scientist wishes to research, this site’s got you guys covered. From Amphibians to Sharks and everything in-between, why not dive into the animal world today?


22. Learn About Chemicals Around Your House – Whether they’ve got a future with the CDC or just want to be more careful around the house, this chemical-centric site is a great resource. It offers an online house tour that highlights the hidden dangers of chemicals throughout your house.

23. Mirror Molecules – With cartoon sketches, this site dishes about the world of molecules. This is a great molecule primer to stoke the love of science in your kid’s heart.


24. Rick’s Math Web – Whatever your kid’s math needs, Rick’s got you covered. There’s over 4,800 math problems and solutions here, for kids ranging from kindergarteners to high schoolers.

25. Illustrated Lessons – Sometimes, math makes a bit more sense with some illustration. This picture-filled site covers estimation of length, line symmetry, patterns, and more.

26. Math – Here’s another site with a little bit of everything. Free worksheets, math blogs, word problems, and much more are just a click away.

27. Helping Your Child Learn Math – Designed by the government for both teachers and students, this math site is nice and straightforward. The emphasis is on fun learning activities that can be conducted at home, and turn every day into a learning experience.

28. Federal Resources for Educational Excellence – These FREE resources cover Algebra, Geometry, Data Analysis, and Operations. Easy to navigate and easy to use, this site will keep kids hooked.

29. Surfing the Net With Kids: Math – Here’s an archive of online math lessons for kids that goes back 12 years. Whether they’re mastering Fibonacci numbers or just mastering telling the time, this site will help kids out.

30. Math Kids – Practical application of mathematical lessons is the name of the game, here. For instance, if your kid doesn’t see why spreading rumors can be a bad thing, this site helps drop some math on them.

31. Dr. Mike’s Math Games – Dr. Mike has a single specialty: stocking an awesome array of printable math games. There’s print-outs, online games, board games, and much more on this simple site.

32. First Steps in Math – For those taking their first steps in math, this site will guide them by the hand. It’s got the dish on negative numbers, decimals and percentages, exponents and radicals, and plenty of other math concepts.

33. DansMath4Kids – Designed for “the younger set,” this site does its best to make math fun. Kids can play puzzles, look for patterns, watch some educational cartoons, and many more fun activities.

34. Math Activities for Kids – The emphasis here is on straightforward math flash cards. It helps kids master addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and has other awesome activities once they’ve mastered the flash cards.

35. Math Help Reference Sheets – Does your kid need a quick reference sheet for particular mathematics? This simple site has reference sheets for Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus.

36. Math for Kids – The ideal age range of this site is from ages 6 to 11. Kids choose their age, and then dive into a world of different math problems and answers uniquely suited towards them.

37. The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive – If your kid thinks math should be ancient history, tell him it actually is with this great site. It offers histories, biographies, and awesome facts to help kids contextualize the folks behind the theories.

38. K-12 Math Problems, Puzzles, Tips & Tricks – The focus of this site is a variety of math challenges for kids, taken from all over the world. Look for fun games and simple tricks to help kids master doing math in their head.

39. Math Exercises – Here, you will find “an example and exercises for each subject.” This site helps kids master percentages, fractions, 2-D shapes, proportional reasoning, and more.

40. Math and Numbers – Here’s a list of government sites to bolster kids in math and science. Whether they want to get started on cryptology or climb a metric pyramid, it all starts here.

41. Math Games – Aimed at elementary and pre-school kids, this site has a great selection of fun math games. From geometry to simple household budgeting, this has the skills they’ll need for later in life.

42. Kaboose: Math Games – Appropriate for ages 6 and up, this site has a quirkier selection of games than most sites. Paint Brush Math, Multiplication Bridge, and Martian Math are just a few of the unique games found on this site.

43. Math Advantage – Catering to kids from kindergarten through 8th grade, this site has a bevy of quirky, fun activities. Whether you’re solving extraterrestrial math equations or making a robot dance, learning is made more fun here.

44. Math Goodies – Does your kid need math help? This site has them covered with interactive lessons, worksheets, homework help, and more.

45. Math in Daily Life – Every frustrated student of math eventually asks that question—when will I actually use this stuff? The focus of this site is helping kids learn math skills that will help them around the house, at work, and at school. Providing an answer to the inevitable question. Consider yourself saved on this argument.

46. – This site has a mixture of free content and subscriber content. The focus is on in-depth word problems to bolster critical thinking skills in all levels of math development.

47. Plane Math Activities – No, that’s not a typo. These plane math activities use different flying concepts to help kids develop their mathematical skills.

48. Funbrain – What makes this brain so fun? Well, it’s got an awesome math arcade, math baseball, math car racing, and other fun activities.

49. – As you might imagine from a place called, there’s at least a little of all things math here. Topics range from “Everyday Math” to Calculus and more advanced topics, and there’s tutoring resources and even math-related jobs for kids really planning their futures.

50. – What sets these math games apart from the pack? These games, no matter how silly they look, emphasize practical application, such as sharpening skills for better speed at math deduction.

51. 2+2 Math for Kids – This free math program is designed to supplement school instruction. It offers 21 cool exercises, eye-catching graphics, great music, and many more interesting features.

52. Geometry Puzzles – Here’s a puzzling site that kids will love. They’re given pictures, and asked to “slice” the images in such a way as to create geometrical shapes.

53. APlusMath -To get those grades up to “A Plus” status, this site emphasizes interactivity. Check out the website’s games, flash cards, math word find puzzles, and more.

54. AAA Math – If your kid has the reading and writing down, but that third “r”—arithmetic—eludes him, this is the site to visit. These online lessons focus on place value, statistics, fractions, exponents, and much more.

55. Ask Dr. Math – Kids got a math question? With this site they can ask Dr. Math himself, browse archived answers, and search by school level, from elementary school to college.

56. BrainBashers – If your kid’s into brainteasers and puzzles, this site will be an instant hit. There’s logic games, questions of the week, fun facts, and other math-tastic activities.

57. Escape From Knab – Here’s a math game with an interesting premise. You’re trying to save up for a ticket to the planet of Knab, and so must get a job, budget money, and even learn some tax tricks—a great way of teaching kids practical math.

58. Take a Challenge – This site throws down a math gauntlet to would-be challengers. With a colorful site and ample illustrations, kids are challenged to figure out these head-scratching questions in order to develop some mad math skills.

59. - The age old question: how do we make math fun for kids? This site’s answer is to use great animations and activities to illuminate topics ranging from fractions to fractals and everything in-between.

60. – If your kids need help in math, this teacher-designed site just might be the answer. There’s games, worksheets, and more to help kids with everything from addition to algebra.

61. Teach R Kids Math – As the name likely tells you, this is a site ideal for both math teachers and math students. Designed as a well-paced online curriculum, this online class format will get your kid ready to rock the school classroom.

62. A Math Dictionary for Kids – Oftentimes for kids (and even adults), math can seem like a different language. This site provides a handy dictionary to over 600 math-related terms, giving kids the classroom edge they need.

63. Cool Math Games – Is your kid not getting his daily dose of math games? These wild Flash games use fun as a great segue into informative math lessons.

64. – Here’s an all-around informative site for those kids that want to rock at mathematics. The website covers sections on specific math topics, math-related informative articles, a questions and answers section, and more.

65. Math Activities Online for Kids – Choose between math lessons appropriate for kids by age level, from the 6-7 ballpark to 11 and 12-year olds. For activities, there’s word problems, brain teasers, logic puzzles, and more.

66. Math Cats – Time for an intervention—stop refreshing those Lolcats and get your kid to check out these Math Cats instead. This image-filled site has math-related art galleries, crafts, and online explorations.

67. Kids Math Games – Here’s a site that gets right down to it. Kids can get math worksheets, help with graphing, pattern-recognition tips, and much more.

68. Math Sites – Not getting enough math sites from this list? This site offers a compilation of links fit for future mathletes of all ages.


69. Amusement Park Physics – While everyone knows how fun a rollercoaster is, not everyone knows how it works. This site teaches kids the physics behind their favorite ride, and won’t even flip their stomachs inside out.

70. Robot Constructor – It’s a fine line: your kid wants to build robots, and you’re worried Godzilla won’t be around to stop whatever mechanized monstrosity they unleash upon the world. Have them practice with this simple robot constructor, as they design a bot that can navigate through pre-set mazes and even mazes kids design themselves.

71. The Fireworks of Elementary Particle Physics – This site explains particle physics through a colorful, firework-filled Flash animation. While it’s more aimed at older kids, your future physicist will thank you for this link.

72. The Particle Adventure – Been on a particle adventure lately? If the answer’s no, then take your kid on this online escapade that explores alternate dimensions, antimatters, particle detectors, and more.

73. StarChild – Got a young astronomer on your hands? Expect your children to learn solar system lessons and diagrams as well as diagrams and information on the entire universe. StarChild offers kids all of the educational supplements they need to reach for the stars.

74. – Here’s another space-worthy site that explores all aspects of space. The main emphasis is space travel, and there’s also free online classes for your astronaut to continue their learning.

75. Astronomy for Kids – Rounding out our future spacewalker links, this site is more “down to earth” than the others. In addition to offering the low-down on the depths of space, it also has tips for recognizing constellations and determining cardinal points from sunrises and sunsets.

Other Cool Science Stuff

76. Exploring Leonardo – If kids want to be future scientists and inventors, they should learn from the master. This Leonardo da Vinci site focuses on his scientific discoveries, awesome inventions, and, of course, his paintings.

77. Color Matters – It’s all about the color spectrum with this groovy site. The kid-friendly color-related topics range from race to research on color perception, and will keep kids clicking for a good, long time.

78. Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century – If you’ve got a future engineer in your house, this site will keep them enthralled. Topics range from electrical innovations to nuclear fission, and the site offers a glimpse of the power and potential for future breakthroughs.

79. How Stuff Works – Here’s another great site for kids who want to figure out how things work. Check out articles on robotic surgery, biomimicry, and U.S. Senate confirmations.

80. – Help your kid join the “friends for Earth” with this bright site. It offers educational “helpers,” cool facts, and fun activities concerning planet Earth.

81. Popular Science – Another great site for future scientists, this is a place where kids can see the future happening before their very eyes. Cool cars, environmental breakthroughs, and even do-it-yourself helicopters are all covered, complete with plenty of images.

82. Questacon – Part of this site advertises Questacon, a “spectacular science show” replete with cool exhibits. In addition to that, the “online stuff” features science games, puzzles, experiments, and reading materials.

83. Science Explorer – Let’s face it—who doesn’t want to transform their home into “an exploratorium-at-home?” There’s activities here to make salt volcanoes, grow crystals, and even create lightning.

84. BAM! Body and Mind – This site’s designed for the future Kinesiology major or nutritionist in your family. You’ll find colorful information on fitness and disease, and also offers games, challenges, and a customizable fitness activity calendar.

85. Let’s Go Outside! – It’s all about the natural world with this great site. Kids can learn about nature photography, take scavenger hunt challenges, and learn about wildlife from all over America.

86. NASA Kids’ Club – If you’ve got a tyke interested in the great beyond of space, this site is definitely for them. It’s got news and pictures, and awesome games, whether your kid wants to travel with Buzz Lightyear or just dance on the moon.

87. National Science Resource Center – At the Resource Center, the name of the game is “learning science by doing science.” In addition to news articles, the “students” section offers science profiles and a variety of awesome online activities.

88. SpaceKids – Have your daily dose of “space science for kids” with this great site. Whether kids want to send their names to Mars or view a meteor storm, this site has the future astronomer covered.

89. EPA Student Center – Preserving the environment for the future starts with educating kids about the environment. Enter this site, which offers news, the latest environmental developments, and activities in addition to information about environmental careers and scholarships.

90. Tox Town – Before you ask—no, Tox Town is not the hometown of the Toxic Avenger. It is, however, a great site for kids to learn about environmental health concerns and toxic chemicals.

91. Smithsonian Education – This Smithsonian site has things to see and do for kids of all ages. They can learn about the space race, geology, dinosaurs, and more.

92. Homework Helper – Here’s something future scientists and current students alike will enjoy—a homework helper. The emphasis here is animals, and whatever information the site itself doesn’t have, they’ve got a link to cover your kid’s needs.

93. The Comet’s Tale – As you may have guessed, it’s all about comets with this great site. Kids can read up on comet history, play comet games, and even design their own comet.

94.PBS: Games Central – It’s a depository for awesome PBS Kids games— enough said. Whether math or science is your kids’ passion, there’s something fun for them here.

95. Math and Reading Help – Here’s another site that parents, teachers, and kids can all enjoy. Try going over some of the informative articles on teaching your kids math skills together or play a few games and activities to keep your children learning while they are spending some time with mom and dad.

96. Education for Kids – This site’s specialty is still their “drill games,” which help kids master their educational drills. There’s also a home-schooling friendly store and classifieds, and a service to find online coaching for your student.

97. Homework Help – Aimed at kids in kindergarten through 2nd grade, this site does what it says: offers lots of great homework help. It’s colorful, the activities are varied, and kids of all personalities can find something to love here.

98. Science and Math Around the World – This site is something of a link depository for science and math. As the name says, these useful links will take your kid on an educational journey around the world.

99. The All New and Improved Fruit Game – Believe it or not, the fruit game is celebrating 14 years on the internet. It challenges you to be the last one grabbing a piece of the digital fruit, and encourages kids of all ages to think more logically.

100. – Divided equally between math and science, this site has quirky games to help students master each subject. Kids can memorize the solar system and master multiplication, all while having a great time.

Another wonderful source of mathematics and science training tools and lessons can be your child’s teacher. They can often make copies of supplemental science or math exercises straight from a textbook. Then you will have your own answer checker to help with the whole process.

With time, your children’s math and science skills can become great. It just takes time and practice. By tutoring your child outside of school, it will prepare them for grade advancement, college and give them the confidence they need to perform their best in school.

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